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Why choose TV wall mounts?

Getting the right TV wall mount is incredibly important when it comes to the job of hanging a television on the wall. There are a number of reasons why you might want to mount a television, maybe you want to free up space in your living room, or maybe you have pets or young children that you want to keep safe from the TV being accidentally knocked over and onto them.  

A TV wall installation is a relatively easy job, and of the most important aspects to making sure that the task is done correctly is choosing the right mount for the job.  

TV Wall Mount

What to consider when mounting TV?

You will first need to take some things into consideration out with the mount and the TV itself, such as where you are going to hang the TV and what the walls are made of. If you are hanging the TV on regular old drywall or plasterboard then most kits from a hardware shop should do the trick, you just need to make sure to get the right one. 

If you are hanging the TV on any different types of walls then you will most likely need more specialized equipment. Different types of walls could include masonry or brick in general for example. The best practice for different types of walls would be to note the wall type then look online or in a relevant shop for equipment that say they are applicable for the task. 

Which mounting kit is right for you?

When deciding on what TV wall mounting kit to get you will also need to take the specifications of the TV itself into consideration such as the size and the weight. These factors are so crucially important when hanging a TV, so take the utmost care when making sure that the wall mount you are selecting can hold the weight of the TV.  

Most kits will come with the correct bolts and other necessary pieces of hardware that you might need, and if they don’t the instructions should tell you what ones you will need to purchase, so, you shouldn’t need to worry about that.  

How to choose placement for TV wall mount installation?

When taking the placement of the TV into consideration, make sure to think about the line of sight, you don’t want to make the rookie mistake of hanging the TV too high or too low for comfortable watching.  

You also need to decide on how frequently you feel you might need to have access to the ports at the back of the television. If the answer is infrequently that makes it easier, as most fixed wall mounts will be suitable in that case. If the answer is frequently, they might need to spend a little more on a TV wall mount that can move or swivel so that you can have that easier access.  

Final thoughts

If the TV is going in a corner or a more peculiar spot then you might need to consider going with a wall mount that is on what is called an ‘arm’ so that the TV can be positioned adequately.

TV wall installations are usually straightforward and simple jobs, however, there are a few things to always keep in mind but if you take your time and follow the instructions, you will be watching the best new movies or the big game in no time.  

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